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Louisiana Roof Crafters' Podcast

Sep 29, 2019

Michael Warren announces in today's podcast that LA Roof Crafters is now a proud sponsor of Southeastern Louisiana University's sports and athletics. 

Listen to Michael talk about how he graduated from SLU and how proud he is to head up the Roof Crafters advertising plan with SLU. 


Sep 29, 2019

In today's Roof Crafters podcast listen to Michael Warren talk about the Roof Crafters new catch-all. 

The catch-all is a product that Roof Crafters will use to keep your lawn and landscaping cleaner during the installation of your new roof. 

The catch-all will take the place of the old tarp system that as always been...

Sep 29, 2019

In today's podcast, Michael Warren will explain why you should have a production manager on your job to supervise the roofing crew installing your new roof. 

Are you getting a new roof anytime soon? If so one question you really should ask your roofing company is who will supervise the roofing crew. 

If your roofing...

Sep 29, 2019

IF you just had a new roof installation you may have some very common questions. 

Listen to Michael Warren of Roof Crafters in Hammond LA talk about very common questions anyone may have after a new roof is installed. 

Michael will explain things like why your roofing shingles may not lay flat right after the roof...

Sep 29, 2019

Listen to Will Lampton with Roof Crafters of Hammond Louisiana talk about why your roof may be leaking around the patio cover. 

Many homes in the Baton Rouge, Hammond and throughout the Northshore areas of Louisiana have patio covers and many of these have leaks. 

Will is going to explain in this podcast what the most...