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roofcrafters's podcast

Mar 3, 2021

Welcome to the roof crafters podcast. My name is Michael Warren. I'm the director of operations at roof crafters. And in this podcast, we talk about everything roofing so we can provide our customers with the best up-to-date information so they can make the best buying decisions.

Chuck: Okay, well, how are you today?

Will: I'm doing good. Chuck doing good. We, uh, we survived the winter blast that we had this past. Well, it

Chuck: was dang. Sure. Cold. I can tell you that. I'm glad it's over. And to the end of February. The weather looks incredible that it does. So that brings up a good point about what we were talking about in the pre-talk today with your new roof wash.

Will: Oh yes. That, uh, that really has us excited. Uh, Chuck, I mean really excited. Okay. Yeah. Well

Chuck: obviously I'm do your marketing and all that kind of stuff. And we'd put together a lot of videos and we have a page built on your website and all that kind of stuff. But tell us a little bit about the process.

Tell us. What's going on there because I was, there is Ben and I were doing some video work and I watched the transformation of that roof. And when I first got there, I'm going okay. Well, that roof really doesn't look that bad, even though I think you said it was 12, 13 years old, but it was, I could, it was like night and day when I left.

So tell us, tell us about the process. Tell us what this thing is. Tell us about what kind of Morton guarantees you have. Just tell us a little bit about what's going on with it.

Will: Yeah, we live in and operate in South Louisiana. So, you know, algae is just, is inevitable on every route. It just, he, well, he and humidity, that's it, that's a recipe for it is going to thrive and do good in that area.

So we wanted to add on a, another service that went along with what our business,

Chuck: well, Y you know, we talked about this a few years ago. Why did, why did you wait so long to get into

Will: the room? Well, to be honest with you, we started looking around, it took us a while to land on a product that we'd liked that stood out.

We had checked with several other roofing companies where we have several friends in this industry. They were doing roof wash just, but they were using the bleach, the actual bleach that you have to spray on there. They were telling me about having a fertilizer yards killer. The plants had to get a hazardous permit to even spray it.

The rigs that they had looked brand new, or excuse me, that were brand new or one or two years old. Look like they will just destroy

Chuck: when you certainly can't have pets and kids running around and then Clorox bleach after they're done too. So

Will: mail the whole house, the whole yard. It took weeks and weeks of era now.

Natural rain, things like that to get it. Okay.

Chuck: So tell me what, what is this well, I mean, cause I, I obviously I know what the name of it is. Tell us what this is. And why it is different

Will: than bleach. Well, we went with Rufus and we did our homework roof. Aside is a company out of Florida. They they've been doing this for quite a while.

Their product that they're offering has a two year warranty. No worries. I say, if you spray our product on there, it's Dawn. It won't have any more allergy coming back. So within two years, the process

Chuck: is you wash it and then you put this treatment on there. It's guaranteed for two years, but algae will not grow back.

And what if it, until years, if it grows back, you're, you're going to come and watch it for free.

Will: I'm going to come and watch it for free. And they going to pay me to wash and then

Chuck: they gave the gun to Richard. So. What this is, is, do you have to do it every two years? So your treat the house, you wash it once.

Will: And then if you'll come back and treat it every two years, you have no more problem. And what it is, Chuck it's a copper based product, man. I was sitting at our office and they came and did the demo and he was drinking some of it. He said, well, it's all the Scouts, a mineral taste. . I mean, kids, family pets is non porous.

Chuck: I was blown away with, he took a dab, nice nail. I watched him put it into that bucket. And when he pulled it out like a compromise, obviously it has got copper and that's. That's one of the things that keeps the shingles nowadays from getting out gentlemen to begin with my roof was installed in June will be

Will: eight years ago.

Yeah. We're going to have to get up there and get yours. I'm sorry, last time I was up there, you know, so

Chuck: of course. You know, if you've got trees, overhanging your roof, it's going to be worse. There's just absolutely nothing you can do about that. But if you treat your roof every two years, you'll never, evidently you'll never deal with algae.

So this sounds, when I saw it, I was just blown away. You're telling me it's got a two year guarantee. You only wash it the one time. Now let's talk about the pressure because a lot of these things are high pressure that other places are doing. And tell me about the pressure. Cause I watched that guy put his hand under that

Will: nozzle.

I couldn't, it's called a soft wash because again, you can't just get up on a roof with a pressure washer and just blow the grind Hill right on, off. You're going to have some granule loss, very little minimum, but it's a soft wash.

Chuck: So he was putting his hand under there and that's exactly what it's going to be on the side.

So it's not going to damage anything. So that was something that was really resonated with neighbor. Cause pressure washer is made to knock things

Will: out is, you know, Chuck, one of the biggest things that people could do that makes the biggest bang dramatic reveal. For the dollar spent, there's this roof wash you go and look at all these roofs and stuff.

They're only five years old, six years, 10 years old. They're getting allergy straits, things like that. We come through treated and it looks like they had put a brand new roof. Well, it brings out the dog factor.

Chuck: Well, good point because especially if you're trying to sell your house or if you just bought a house and you're trying to make it look good.

The roof is 30% of the curb appeal of your home. That is correct. That's a big, that's a big chunk of your curb

Will: appeal. You're I having more and more people call us right now, Chuck. They said, Hey, we saw that. Well, the route that you did down at the jail is that just pressure. I mean, treating or pressure washing or the job put a new roof on that's.

How much of a difference it's making? With a lot of the, the, the areas and the neighborhoods that would come through. Well, that

Chuck: roof that I, I didn't get to watch the second one get finished. Cause I had to get back into Hammond, but I saw it. I saw the front slope, but absolutely the first house that we did and videoed, it looked like the roof was brand new.

I could not believe

Will: it. I'm telling you, we bought the rig. And got everything set up through the winter months where we would be ready to go. You will know you've handled our promotion for our TVA ads and things like that. We are really poised to really, really do well with this and to service our customers.

We are so, so excited. We're bringing something brand new to the Mark,

Chuck: understand this right? The root practice has gotten an exclusive, so you cannot even get this kind of wash roof, Washington by anybody else, but re

Will: practice. That is correct. That is correct. And look, I encourage anybody. Go check out another roof wash company, but then check out Rufus side and there is night and day difference.

Truly Eddie. Well here's,

Chuck: what's cool. You wash it once. Trade it. You got a two year guarantee. And as long as you treat your roof, you'll never deal with algae. You can immediately treat it. And your two year old child can be walking around on the porch and outside on the sidewalk. And everything is fine.

When the dogs are rooting around in the flower beds after it, they're fine. So those are some of the things that I see that is safe for the family is safe for the past and ultimately

Will: a safe for the relief. That is correct. That is correct. I can tell y'all we're excited about introducing this in a state of Louisiana and truly keep up with this because you're going to see a dramatic difference this year.


Chuck: I'm stoked about it too, because this is a whole new product line for you guys. And it just goes so hand in hand, you guys are doing so many repairs right now, you know? And think how many roofs have been put on since Katrina or at Katrina? Well, those roofs are 16 years old this year. So, you know, all those pipe jacks and all those skylights, you know, and this, this just goes hand in hand.

Y'all can do the repair and then wash the roof and it looks like they got a brand new with, and didn't have to pay

Will: for Brandy written down. I see it. That is it money they're saving, but it does. It increases the Tadawul factor tremendously. And you're right, Joe, you brought up a good point. If you're wanting to sell your house.

Man, make sure the inside's clean, but do a little sprucing up on the outside. This brings it out where it looks like it's a brand new roof. It really makes the house stand out in a neighborhood where the rest of them look like they need new rooms.

Chuck: Well, good to see you again today. Well, I know that we'll do another podcast here in the next few weeks, but yeah, I am absolutely really stoked about this roof wash you guys are doing it looks amazing.

Well, thank you, Jeff. All right. See you later. Well,