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roofcrafters's podcast

Aug 8, 2019

Roof Crafters has a project manager for each city served from Baton Rouge throughout the Northshore of Louisiana.

In today's episode we will talk with Holt Rask, project manager for the city of Baton Rouge Louisiana.

Holt handles new roof installations as well as roof repairs.

Listen to holt talk about the most common roof repairs in Baton Rouge and what parts of Baton Rouge he is seeing roof damage in. 

Holt goes into detail about plumbing pipe jack repairs, chimney flashing and what it is if you roofing shingles are high nailed. 

Listen to Holt's expert advise about having your roof inspected if it has not been checked in the past five years. 

Holt does roof inspections in the Baton Rouge market for free. 

Call Roof Crafters today and have Holt give you a free roof inspection.