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roofcrafters's podcast

Sep 29, 2019

IF you just had a new roof installation you may have some very common questions. 

Listen to Michael Warren of Roof Crafters in Hammond LA talk about very common questions anyone may have after a new roof is installed. 

Michael will explain things like why your roofing shingles may not lay flat right after the roof installation. 

There are a few other common roofing Q & A that many people have like why are the shingles raised up in the valley. This is caused by extra ice & water shield in the valley. 

Do you wonder what that hump is behind your chimney? That is going to be your chimney cricket for shedding water off your chimney faster and reducing the chance of a roof leak around your chimney. There are new codes in Baton Rouge and other areas of Louisiana requiring a chimney cricket. 

Call Roof Crafters today and ask any question you may have about a new roof.